Dramatic Moments Terms and Conditions

Dramatic Moments™ Terms and Conditions

1. Dramatic Moments™ consists of a bundled scene and song from Broadway shows and other musicals designed for an individual performer to study, rehearse, perform, and then share in your classroom, school intranet or on social media. Dramatic Moments may also be utilized by teachers in any classroom, including a virtual classroom setting, to teach the scene and song to their students. The elements in the Dramatic Moments digital package, including the script for the scene, sheet music, piano backing tracks and a video Master Class by the author(s) (“Dramatic Moments Package”), are provided solely for non-commercial personal and educational use as described in these Terms and Conditions.

2. Teachers and students may utilize components of the Dramatic Moments Package for the purposes described in Paragraph 1, including to record a version of the Dramatic Moments scene and/or song and distribute it on your school intranet and social media for non-commercial purposes (see Paragraph 3). Except for these non-commercial purposes, neither your recording nor any component of the Dramatic Moments Package may be reproduced or disseminated in any way, including broadcasting, sale or posting on the Internet or social media for commercial purposes. MTI reserves the right to require that you take down your posted video at any time at the request of rightsholders, music publishers or otherwise.

3. If you choose to post your Dramatic Moment recording on social media, you are responsible for obtaining releases for any individual appearing in the video. Your Dramatic Moment recording should ideally be posted on a private, password-protected platform (e.g., school intranet). Care should be taken when posting on social media that the private, non-commercial nature of the Dramatic Moment recording is maintained. That means your recording:

  • Shall only be exhibited for free on social media, YouTube, etc. and/or shared via streaming services without generating ticket or pay per view revenue.
  • Shall not be used for any commercial purpose, including to generate advertising revenue on YouTube or other social media sites. If you post your recording on YouTube, for example, you are not permitted to monetize the video.
  • Shall not be distributed in any physical format, such as DVD or Blu-ray, or on flash drives.
  • Shall not include any of the content from the Master Class Videos.
  • Shall not include any changes to the text or music. 

5. Your Dramatic Moment recording must be faithful to the spirit of the original material and may not include any harmful or illegal activity, or material that is offensive, fraudulent, defamatory, disparaging, threatening, hateful, or otherwise inappropriate. The recording may not violate any individual’s right of privacy or publicity.

6. You may not register your Dramatic Moment video under copyright law.

7. Videos may not create or imply any association with or endorsement by MTI, the authors or the rightsholders (except to indicate the authorship of the material and the source of the rights granted).

8. You agree that MTI may repost your video through its social media platforms, subject to MTI receiving any required releases.

9. MTI may monitor videos posted on social media and require removal of any videos that violate these guidelines or the copyright owners’ intellectual property rights.